Call for Papers

The CFP is open to the community! Please submit to host a FlylessWeekly, occuring every Wednesday. FlylessWeekly speakers will kick off the call with a 15-30 minute talk and the rest of the hour will be for conversation hosted by the speaker with the Flyless team.

Read this blog post for more information on our change-of-course from FlylessConf to more intentional FlylessWeekly community calls.

Our goal is simple to rethink DevRel and encourage and enable developer relations professionals to excel at their job without getting on a plane. 

We would love to consider submissions that try to answer these questions:

  • Which people and companies are using online platforms most effectively to engage with developers and learn from them? 
  • What should the focus of Developer Advocacy, Developer Experience and Developer Relations be? 
  • How can we have a richer advocacy conversation between advocates in the field and the engineering teams? 
  • With more work being done virtually could we build better metrics and KPIs to ensure Dev Rel people can do great work and have better less stressful lives with more time for their loved ones? 
  • Spend more time writing blog posts, more time making videos, more time writing code samples?

After you submit, we will be in touch shortly to find a Wednesday that suits your schedule!

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