This document is in progress.

Flyless is an online conference about making developer relations better.

Our goal Is simple – to rethink DevRel and encourage and enable developer relations professionals to excel at their job without getting on a plane. 

The single track conference will be fun, and fast-paced. We’ll explore which people and companies are using online platforms most effectively to engage with developers. We’ll explore what should be the focus of Developer Advocacy, Developer Experience and Developer Relations be? We’ll dig into creating a richer advocacy function between folks “in the field” and the engineering teams. With more work online we should be able to build better metrics, and KPIs, to ensure Dev Rel people can do great work, and have better less stressful lives. We want our community to fly less, but get more done. 

We’re going to have incredible speakers using a number of formats to present their ideas and working practices to help attendees learn new tools and ways to get stuff done.

Our goal then is to help our community, but we’re also only too aware what a privilege it is to be able to work at home. We’ll be fund-raising for front line workers, and for people whose incomes have been negatively impacted. The more you put in, the more people we can help. 

Why sponsor FlylessConf? 

We’re expecting a significant audience of well connected people – this is a chance to highlight your brand as an innovator and a company that wants to rethink DevRel to make it work better for you, and your people. Our website will feature logos of all our sponsors, and we’ll find ways to weave them into the various social and online platforms we use.

We’re also going to try something new for us, which ties into the idea of online events allowing for better use of data. All of the organisers have run conferences before, but none of us has sold attendee names. But at a conference without booths how are you going to take names and follow up with attendees? We’re planning to offer lead collection, by allowing attendees to opt in, and sponsors will get a share of these leads. For attendees that share their addresses, we can arrange for sponsors to send stickers and t-shirts to their addresses. FlylessConf though doesn’t plan to create and distribute our own swag – we’d rather make apply all profits to charities and social enterprises.

Lead generation is so important, and we want to help. Attendees will know that sharing their information will directly fund front line work. 

Who We’re Donating: More information coming soon